Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 OCT babies.

since I wrote in the previous post..that I will b posting on the Birthday posts.
yeah~ here it is. LOL. though is really late but still I wanner post it. :P
Things were goin very well on my bday....

It was such an honour that my auntChristy (chic n sleek) made my dress in 2weeks time. usually I have to wait like a month to get my dresses. since it was my bday I guess thats why she was quick. XD

sexy backless dress (checked)
makeup (checked)
hair (checked)
bookings (checked)
Wine (checked)
Peoples (checked)

tada~! here am I..waiting for my chauffeur XD

It was still early.....waiting for the late humans = Malaysians culture. haha
alil bit of camwhore <3>

the first human appear~ the SoyaBean.

a picha with myson~ XD

was having a shoot with teikhoe, and soya ruin the picha. ><"

okay~ this is better. :)

the arrival of the love birds. ^^

and introduce to you mybolly biatch~
why I name her bolly because v both somehow has the same interest in bollywoods. haha.

my babycyan~ knew her since primary. is like 15yrs of friendship. i love her. XD

the ladies~

we just love lollipops~ XD

suzy in the house~!

and here comes babycarmen~ mylove mygoodhusband.

the goodhusband the goodwife

cheers ppl. is myday~ XD

they were checking out the Nina Gracia's lookbook baby present me. XD

having some study in the club~ lol

here the ends of my bday post. :) i was drunk by the end of the night..painting the town red. lol
and my fren just name me SofaQueen. eventually I was dancing on the

next post will b justin's bday. wheeeeeee~ chao ppl.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


such a lazy human im~
i admit that im lazy in blogging, thats why i have been stop doing it like ages...

a glimpse of an eye, is already my last sem in the uni life...
thats why i must b back to blog, so people and my love ones could keep in touch with every bits of my life.

so im goin to start back with my birthday post and my son's bday post!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

i'm back :)

beloved people button has something to type on. lolx

things has change alot.
people around changed..
wardrobe changed...
life changed...
style changed...
gadgets changed...
attitude changed....
behaviour changed....
time changed....

just got to realize that frens of mine has changed alot..
on the outside it was still her or him...
but on the inside...there burried an evil spirit of her or him..
maybe is because of their will desire / passion that made them changed..

new sem has just started..
im now in sem2 year3 d...which means im getting nearer to the hectic life of making money..
whenever im still a student, ppl tend to see me standing in the immature circle..
which no single one will perceived that you are a grown up..
i have tried to defend, but still no one understands..
students arent immature please dont underrestimate them.

whereas in the name of love,
i really dont understand this concept that why do men who has girlfrens, still mingle around and cause trouble?

i asked one of my fren, and he told me this..
"whenever men go out and play, they still come home for their wifes, but whenever women go out and play, they will leave with a better man and never come home"
it sounds kind of true though..

life been boring lately, but sometimes is happening...
anyway it is not in a flow oso..i want it in a flow..
sometimes bored sometimes hectic..can get brain struck u know :(
thats why im blogging now, which u can see the post is not even in a flow..haha
im having brain freeze..sobzz..

here i end with my recent look..and my new eyes. :)

xoxo loves button.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

another disappointment.

SERIOUSLY I need to update my blog. ><"
but how to??? with an effing lag line...which DC like every 5minutes!!!
but it only stable like 3am in the morning!!!?
ohhhh...god. FML..!

been facing sophisticated things lately...
can anyone answer me...why it has to b sophisticated to deal with...??? cant it be easy..!!!
babymatt told fuck the GOD made things sophisticated!!!
lolx....fucking GOD is a SIN..I wouldnt do tht..:P

whereas on the other hand..
my cells of stupidity arouse again..
wht I did was...controling myself from falling too easily..
the fact is I just dont wanna repeat anything stupid like in the past..
histories are not meant to be repeated!!!
I know how to do when it comes to advice others..but when it was on myself.. I just fuck it with stupidity..@@

What I thought thruly was...."we are just friends."
I dont see theres any chemis between us.....though v can b effing sweet in cyber conversations.
I dont wanna be pushy like other girls...cause I'm different!!!!
If he does wants it, he will definitely COME for it.
maybe I was just one of his preys....
he is such an insecure piece of shit....
anyway...I miss You

here are the Problems with guys:

  1. If you don't love him, he'll try to win you. If you love him, he'll leave you.

  2. If you cheat, u expect it to be over. If he cheats, he expects to be given another chance.

  3. If you break a promise, you can't be trusted,if he breaks it, he had to. Either way, girls never win.Just face it girls.

conclusion, we girls just have to bear with all this fucking shits...nowonder centuries ago..MEN rules. Wifeys just being pathetics..!! lolx

this is the recent me. sorry for being lost like ages..:P

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Terms Discriminations!

first of all..Sorry frens, I've not been updating Button lately.
And traffics is dropping oso..
Since new sem started....nvr stop doing stuffs before..Slept late all nights..
Dehydrated to the MAXimum!!!...................

just got to be free this few days..and off again to Assignments and research..
Really got to manage my time properly..
Each and Every minutes are just so precious to me now.
Just felt like I dont wanna missed anything.

OK back to the title..
Being discriminated alot lately..
Discriminates me
  • that I am free..[students are free somtimes only!]
  • That I am Wasting..
  • That I am REBELious~~!
  • that I am Effing spoilt child...!!!!!
  • That i am fucking princess..........
  • that I am fucking CHildish.............
  • that I am not considerate...................
  • That I dont understand the outer world...
  • that I have got alot to learn....!!!!

Mayb I am more even better than you do....
You are just having....
  • the King Attitude
  • The control freak..
  • the non considerate one..
  • the psycho one
  • the MAX egoistic person.......
  • extremely overly assesive confident piece of shit...
  • the never appreciate one...
  • the weird one...
  • the demander!
  • the illusioniser.....haha
urghhhh....why on earth you just dont try to understand simple stuffs. but yet you always says I dont understand..!! yala..I am dumb. a DUMBass.
You are the one who dont see the world Differently...
Always base on your concepts...

The Drama Queen is not happy now~~! T___T
And shes always out to clubs to destress..IS NOT a good thing you know.

lastly STOP discriminating..try to respect a little, and mayb you will see the world differently and REALISE of how beautiful the world is....=.='''

hmmmm...ends of sad cases..
here are some pictures of the BACK TO SCHOOL night at Barroom.^^
Everytime ppl heard of this event they will tink of..KAWAII cute japan students with flip skirts and Bows..
If theres students there should b teachers too right?
Guess what..drama Queen dress as a Teacher..
And for sure shes with a ruler to do some punishment..and a pencil for demerits jot down..haha
here are some pictures...
Forget to bring my CAMEra..and just few pics of me..sobzz..

how was my oufit ppl..?? lolx.
ok ppl...gotta chao d.....
i swear I will update more..


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


line is EFFING lagged for me to blogged.....
gonna update Button soon...I back to home sweet home.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I wanted...

I have been wanting alot of things lately..

tangible and intangible wanted stuffs...
As in How do we get Tangible stuffs...? and the answer is all bout MONEY $$!!
Whereas intangible would be something that you feel with ur heart not something that you feel with ur senses or something that can be seen.

Humans just had not enough of the stuffs around them..though is already alot enough..
hmmm...maybe that all humans are greedy....
like me..i am effingly greedy in everything......but mostly it kenot be food cause I dont wanna be obesse..! haha..^^v

Tangible stuffs I wanted badly..
  1. More gorgeous outfits. cz I want to be "dressed to kill" haha..
  2. a LG crystal fon..but I already got a BB.
  3. a collections OF all sexy colors BRAs..haha. been tempted with triumph newest butterfly bra..lolx
  4. an EYE job...effingly sick with my single eyelid eyes..aiks.
  5. A vaio netbook.....vaio lappy been not good lately. sobzzz..
  6. A set of new bedroom furniture..must b all in white..
  7. MORe heels!
Actually tangible stuffs was not that I really whine for..I could just get it whenever I wanted to..if thrs $$$$$!!

but actually is all bout intangible stuffs that I really hard to get.
you cant get it with $$..

  1. wanted a Cuddle in a cozy night.
  2. someone to care when I am down.
  3. just wish tht ppl could Only chill with me for sometime but not clubbing.
  4. a heart to heart talk!!!!
  5. HOnesty..
  6. true Love..........
  7. someone to miss me often..instead of me missing them.
  8. being appreciated by tht someone.
  9. having more understanding frens.
  10. Fantasies!!..^^
  11. wanted a REsponsible yet sourceable grpmate......!!!!!!
  12. a SweetHeart.
  13. a reliable person...i dont wanna b the one to rely on..but relying on someone is NICE.
  14. some attention...and everybody will like.."wheres Shan!! how is she?" if iam being MIA..[missing in action] ^^
  15. lastly..LESSER annoying people...please.........!!!! life being miserable with them..aihh..
as you can see..I am kind of Demanding girl...
I demand alot of stuffs which...not everyone can fulfill it...
the most I demanded for was HONESTY the world now is everything bout REALITY..
everyday you will just get reality hit....and it make u go like this ".................................."
and I called that Brain Freeze..
but then...being cruel wasnt tht nice..ppl just talk behind ur back..
but what I did was always the best for ALL..not my ownself...........
I hope sem reopens..theres some changes..which I will appreciate it..
last sem still there is disappoinment....
maybe its always beyond my expectations..
I will try not to be cruel...................................but please be Gan Jeong with the works..
I dont wanna b bad..and I will be nice. lovelove.