Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 OCT babies.

since I wrote in the previous post..that I will b posting on the Birthday posts.
yeah~ here it is. LOL. though is really late but still I wanner post it. :P
Things were goin very well on my bday....

It was such an honour that my auntChristy (chic n sleek) made my dress in 2weeks time. usually I have to wait like a month to get my dresses. since it was my bday I guess thats why she was quick. XD

sexy backless dress (checked)
makeup (checked)
hair (checked)
bookings (checked)
Wine (checked)
Peoples (checked)

tada~! here am I..waiting for my chauffeur XD

It was still early.....waiting for the late humans = Malaysians culture. haha
alil bit of camwhore <3>

the first human appear~ the SoyaBean.

a picha with myson~ XD

was having a shoot with teikhoe, and soya ruin the picha. ><"

okay~ this is better. :)

the arrival of the love birds. ^^

and introduce to you mybolly biatch~
why I name her bolly because v both somehow has the same interest in bollywoods. haha.

my babycyan~ knew her since primary. is like 15yrs of friendship. i love her. XD

the ladies~

we just love lollipops~ XD

suzy in the house~!

and here comes babycarmen~ mylove mygoodhusband.

the goodhusband the goodwife

cheers ppl. is myday~ XD

they were checking out the Nina Gracia's lookbook baby present me. XD

having some study in the club~ lol

here the ends of my bday post. :) i was drunk by the end of the night..painting the town red. lol
and my fren just name me SofaQueen. eventually I was dancing on the

next post will b justin's bday. wheeeeeee~ chao ppl.


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